Lozen Technologies

Lozen Technologies



Our Range Of Services

  • Ultrapure water system
  • Lozen Reverse Osmosis system,
  • Ultra filtration system
  • Lozen Demineralization system,
  • Sand Filters, Carbon Filters,
  • Lozen Inclined plate clarifiers,
  • Drinking water package system,
  • Water treatment for Cooling Tower system,
  • Wastewaster¬†recycle and treatment system.
  • Water treatment for Chilled and Condenser water system,
  • Water treatment for Boilers,
  • Domestic sewage waste water system package,
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS), Controllers, instrumentation, sensors
  • and field devises,
  • Pumps, filters for swimming pool filtration system
  • Supply of Control valves, Manual valves, Pipes and fittings,
  • Supply of spare parts

Specialized in design and supply for Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants,
and equipments for Building Automation Systems (BAS)